Lounge on The Farm



Kent’s bestest music festival is in one week! This time next Saturday I will be lounging outside the Furthur Tent clutching my organic lemonade and letting the strains of psychedelia wash over me. Everyone else might just have returned from Glastonbury, but they should be envious of me. (No. Really.)


Lounge on the Farm is one of the most chilled out festivals I’m aware of (having been to a grand total of three!) Held on Merton Farm in Canterbury (the cows are turfed out of the shed beforehand) it smells a little like dung but excrement is the furthest adjective from my mind when it comes to describing this place. It’s fairly small, spanning three medium sized fields, but this only adds to the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Of course, it also helps that everybody knows each other! Wandering around Canterbury at the moment Lounge on the Farm is all anyone is talking about. In Siesta I overheard a couple discussing their van’s toilet. It has wheels. (Yeah. The toilet.) In fact, it’s so local that the headliners seem more like an afterthought. Not that I don’t plan to see Mr. Scruff, Roots Manuva, Gong and Wolf People, but I will definitely be there for The Psychotic Reaction, Cocos Lovers, Zoo For You, Syd Arthur and Electric River – to name but a meager few of Kent’s bestest bands and *coughmymatescough*.


It isn’t all about the music though. I’m mostly going for the food. Al’s Hog Roast over on the Village Green is my first port of call. Hot, thick spit-roasted (local!) pork, a generous dollop of apple sauce with a smearing of stuffing, pressed between two halves of a white crusty roll…Oh yeah, and there were some great vegetarian tartlets (of bliss) at…uh…some other stall. The Shake Shed should be there too this year, providing round the clock milkshakes! My friend who works there is angling for a Rhubarb and Custard flavour…


The Meadows area, new this year, isn’t even about the music. I only know what I’ve read; but it sounds phat. Petting piglets and learning how to survive in the deep, dark, dangerous woods of Canterbury? Sign me up. My good friend Richard Dadd of The Bakery; ought to be performing some arbitrary outdoor theatre, as will The Pantaloons and, erm, some burlesque dancers

Despite them, it is a family friendly festival. It’s a person friendly festival! You’re never further than twenty paces from a Tea-Tent of Tea-Pee and the Village Green caters for carni-, omni- and herbivores. The Red Tent is on hand for healing (and any soon-to-be Mum’s!) and Kent Circus School wander around dressed as bees a lot. And when the last chord has faded away of an evening, the Groovy Movie Picture Tent provides tea, cake, dancing and an oddment of film clips until well past everyone’s bedtimes.

 Furthur Tent,Lotf,Festival

So, come!

Lounge on the Farm runs from the 10-12th of July, on Merton Farm, Canterbury, Kent. Tickets are £85 Weekend, £35 Day

More Info:
Lounge on The Farm Official Website
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