Climate Rush – The Roadshow

August 28, 2009

“Climate Rush is inspired by the actions of the Suffragettes 100 years ago, who showed that peaceful civil disobedience could inspire positive change. We are a diverse group of women and men who are determined to raise awareness of the biggest threat facing humanity today – that of Climate Change. Our government acknowledges the huge problems we face from Climate Change, but carries on with business as usual. We demand DEEDS NOT WORDS because individual choice alone cannot curb CO2 emissions if we are to stop runaway global warming.”

Climate Rush are going on a roadshow! 16 suffragettes, 3 horses and 2 caravans will be traipsing around the South West, joined by scientists, comedians and YOU (and me) in an effort to raise awareness of global climate issues and how we, locally, can make a difference.

The roadshow begins in Sipson on the 4th of September, taking in Oxford, Stroud, Exeter and Bristol (among others) along the way. I’ll definitely be there for the Bristol portion, which focuses on the fact that while Bristol is England’s first cycling city, the public transport is more expensive than London!

So if you live anywhere in England, get your rears down to the South-West (sustainably, of course) and get involved! Email them for more information, or if you want to help out and get involved!

See you there!




August 27, 2009

Dear All,

I haven’t updated recently, of this I am aware. After my dissertation goes in on the 1st of September next week, normal programming will be resumed. I have just returned from Amsterdam as well, so look out for things to see and do and eat over there, over here, in the next few days.


InsteadOf Travelling

August 7, 2009


#Speak French for a day. If no-one understands you, talk louder and slower. Try hand gestures. If you don’t speak any French, an accent and confused frown will do just as well.

#Grab a bike and a tent. Cycle ‘til it gets dark. Camp. Eat beans cooked on a camp stove.

#Rent a boat! Local bay, local river, local lake. Or a pedalo.

# Hang around in coach stations (or train stations, bus stations – but they get funny about it in airports.)


#Sleep in a car. Or park. Or at the beach. Or in a cave.

#Watch German TV.

#Send postcards from your hometown.


#Let a foreigner surf on your sofa. It’s not quite staying in a hostel, but waking up to a different language in your kitchen never gets old.

#Visit an overpriced tourist attraction at home. Latch onto a foreign tour group.

#Bribe a corrupt official at your nearest border.

#Paint a mural of a desert island on your bedroom wall.

#Follow a local tourist trail, one signpost after the other.

#Nap in a hammock.


#Get tourists to take photos of you in front of the local Cathedral/City Walls/giant ball of wool.

#Wear a bikini, or boardshorts, everywhere.

#Go barefoot as much as possible.

#Drink cocktails on the veranda. (Or personal equivalent.)

#Check out local events; beer and/or music festivals, street carnivals, church fetes, funfairs, battle re-enactments, craft fayres, food fayres (my favourite), open air theatre, Dickens Land…

#Ride a donkey.

#See how far you can get for a tenner.

#Find your nearest outdoor pool. Bonus points if you manage a tan.

#Head to your nearest beach location. (Bonus points if you miss the last bus home and end up stranded.)


#Hitchhike. (Remember your towel.)

#Sit in a park all day, chatting to strangers.

#Eat only bread, cheese and beans for three days.

#Get heatstroke. Or dysentery. I hear dengue’s popular at the moment too.


Further explorations into time-wasting

August 3, 2009

“How you live each day is, of course, how you live your life”

#Not so Free Hugs

# Eco stationery for stationery addicts!

#I. Love. Cake. The ark! The animals!

#Is self-help helpful?

# All Men are Liars comments on the social contract

#I like my books made with paper, not grey screens and buttons. You?

# The Disconnection Epidemic

# Security is an Illusion

#The Treehouse Gallery. Currently in Regent’s Park. Gogogo!

# World’s Oldest Computer. Like, Ancient Greek old.

# Anti-time wasting.