Concern for Climate Change


When at Lounge on the Farm (Early Bird 2010 tickets on sale now, by the way), we signed with Friends of the Earth to pressure our local MP’s into signing Early Day Motion 845 on deforestation for feed crops and climate change.

EDMs “are formal motions submitted for debate in the House of Commons. However, very few EDMs are actually debated. Instead, they are used for reasons such as publicising the views of individual MPs, drawing attention to specific events or campaigns, and demonstrating the extent of parliamentary support for a particular cause or point of view.” – from the Parliamentary website

This is the letter I recieved from my local MP Julian Brazier. He is unable to sign this motion until it has been approved by others but he ‘understands the concern.’
I particularly enjoyed this line: “In the short-term, however, there is no doubt that demand for imported feed crops will continue and that, without it, our livestock industry would collapse.” And we can’t have that.

As a vegan, I ‘donate’ as little as possible to that sector and would happily see it collapse. The concerns which Julian Brazier truly understands are those of the government, and the Government’s concerns are for business. If the livestock industry collapses, that’s a whole load of profit (and jobs) they’re never going to see again. Of course, if the livestock industry keeps going the way it is, that’s a whole load of rainforest and clean air we’re never going to see again. Well, we won’t see those days. But our children might, and their children probably will.

When it comes to sending a message to the people in power, signing postcards is all very well, but the places we spend and items we spend on send an equally, if not more effective, message. While never buying meat or dairy again is probably the biggest f-you to the livestock industry currently contributing 18% of global greenhouse emissions, that idea doesn’t necessarily float everybody’s boat.

Friends of the Earth suggest cutting down on animal products, and consumption in general, advising people to only buy what they need and re-use that which can be. I advise people to purchase any animal products from local, sustainable sources and support farmers who treat their animals better and don’t use feed that has more air miles than you do. Or you could just eat tofu. Om nom nom.

If you haven’t already, please go to FOE and
find out how to urge your local MP to sign this EDM. The more awareness, the more possibility of change. The more possibility of change, the more rainforest our kids will have to go backpacking through.

If you’d rather do something FUN and support their Fix the Food Chain campaign, then head to the Hammersmith Apollo on November 12th for LIVEstock, hosted by Friends of the Earth where the latest and funniest stand-up comedians have been herded together for ‘barnstorming comedy of the rarest breed.’ Go, laugh, support.



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