If you need help procrastinating…?

giant under water monsters
The Fudge Factory

I’ve got the goods. Well, some goods. A bit.

# The Dullest Blog is just waiting to waste your time…

# Spend a while in Wonderland. Though when I say ‘a while’ I do mean ‘forever’…

# Ever tried Guerilla Gardening? This is what you get when you take GG and + origami = Poster Pocket Plants, and it looks a little something like this.

# The morbid macabre side of me loves these Human Organ Ink Blots. Mmm, purdy.

# And the traveller side of wants to go get lost on Mars, especially here, and here.

And then, while relaxing from all that hard procrastinating, I’ll chill out and watch a Cosmic Ballet:



2 Responses to If you need help procrastinating…?

  1. The human organ ink blots are really beautiful aren’t they? Before I clicked the link I was thinking, this is gunna be yuck, but not at all!
    Thank you for your assistance in my procrastination!
    Love your blog.

    • haphazardcollective says:

      Always a pleasure, never a chore!
      I love sort-of accidental art like that, and this is especially organic…
      Amelia x

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