Haphazard Collective

Haphazard Polaroids
Haphazard Collective was created by Amelia, for the purpose of jumbling people together in a space to think and write about factors which affect our lives and the planet around us.
If you talk to me, cook for me, travel with me, read this or pee twice before flushing the toilet, you’re in.

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Amelia with bread roll

I run this show, providing most of the content. I am interested in nothing more than over-analysing people’s actions to the nth degree, and wondering forever why. Veganism also floats my boat, and the path to my heart is definitely through my belly. I read, I write, I get tattooed, I wander around the world on whims. My special skills include tea-making, whipping up double chocolate cookies of death in twenty minutes or less, and poi.

Sometime Collaborators



Ed mapreading in Berlin



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