Amelia with bread roll

Hai guys, this is me with my bread roll.

I am a perennial student, who constantly needs to be doing something with my brain.

I read, I write, I get tattooed. I move house once a year, and leave the country every few months. I’ve lived in fourteen houses over three towns (and a couple of villages) and visited over fifteen countries, including Iceland and Fiji. Currently I live and work in Canterbury, UK; sometimes teaching kids to juggle, sometimes helping students find books. Sometimes, I work on my dissertation. My plan for the next couple of years is to work hard and save money in order to go a-volunteering in Peru – farming and playing with monkeys.

In the meantime, here I am!

Having set up Throwaway Literature as a paper ‘zine in the summer before I came to University, four years ago. I decided to make the change to an online magazine quite recently due to a sudden plethora of ideas and the inability to pay print costs. (Student life’ll do that to you.)

Aside from reading, travelling, tattoos and bread rolls, I’m interested in veganism, photography, lomography, logical thinking, socialism and self-analysis.

So you read, and I’ll write. Cool?


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