Change of Address

March 31, 2010

through the telescope

Anyone still finding themselves here can now find my writings over at Throwaway Go. Poke around. Comment. Opine. Thanks!



How People Get Here

December 8, 2009

It’s Four in the Morning, so I’m checking my stats on my defunct blog, natch.

Here are some search terms by which people are still finding this blog (useful):

odd cafe

a massive mean cartoon giant

nap in hammock

tasty food cushions

funny mans

water monsters

I think I can explain them all except tasty food cushions.

Anyhow, for further rants and ramblings about…nothing to do with any of these hit up The Casual Art of Procrastination and if you came here looking for Vegan stuff, head to Travelling Vegan which has been a little quiet, because I haven’t had the chance to travel lately, but I am on the road again in February and meanwhile, check out my recipe for chocolate tarte, which will go down a treat as an option on Christmas pub.


Moving on…

October 7, 2009

Good mornin’,

Anyone following me here, please to be start following over at;

Travelling Vegan for stuff about…well, travelling, being vegan and being vegan while travelling,


The Casual Art of Procrastination for articles and rants about relationships between people and people, people and the world and people and themselves.

Thanks for reading!


London Vegan Festival

September 5, 2009

It’s tomorrow, I’m going.

I plan to eat as much dark chocolate as possible, see
Andrew O’Neill, a vegan comedian (does that make him funnier?) and go to a talk on Veganism, Anarchism and Pacifism – about the politics of being vegan. Will report when I get back on Monday morning.